Hobbster is a website dedicated to all of us owners who love our large breed dogs. The website is named after my own dog, a very chilled-out, funny, clumsy, soppy, gentle Rhodesian Ridgeback, who has been a key part of my life now for a number of years now.

Through all the those freezing early mornings and dark evenings in the rain and the snow, to the long, lazy summer walks in the countryside with my fellow owners that I’ve been privileged to meet - having a dog has truly been a life changing experience.


Comprehensive Well-being:
The Hobbster store's aim is to be a destination for large breed dog owners, offering a curated selection of high-quality custom branded clothing and apparel, and UK sourced dog products and supplies to contribute to the overall wellbeing of your dogs. From bespoke designed T-shirts, sweatshirts, hooded-blankets, unique footwear and dogwear, to premium food and treats, supplements, grooming products and accessories - there's something for all tastes and needs.

Celebrating Individuality: 
Recognising that every dog and owner is unique, Hobbster seeks to celebrate this individuality through its range of breed specific designs that allow both dogs and their owners to express their distinct personalities.

Trust and Safety:
The brand is committed to establishing trust with its customers by providing safe and reliable products. We review the ingredients of every food and grooming product on the website, seek transparency about product quality wherever possible, and are committed to ensuring high standards of all our products. 

Long-lasting Joy:
Our ultimate vision is to create lasting positive memories for owners and their dogs. Whether through the finding of the perfect product, the satisfaction of knowing that you and your pets' needs are taken care of, or the shared moments of happiness facilitated by the brand's offerings.

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“...your dog is an integral part of your family...”

I'm Solomon, the proud founder of Hobbster. I take pride in delivering not just custom-designed products but am commited to supporting the well-being and happiness of your dog. I'm dedicated to providing you and your dogs with the highest quality, safety, and style. If it's not good enough for my dog, it's not good enough for yours.

I understand that your dog is an integral part of your family, and look forward to being a small part of their journey to joy, health, and comfort.

Thank you for looking at Hobbster. I look forward to supporting you and your dog for many years to come.